Kalmar launches AGV on Li-ion battery

Kalmar FastCharge AGV. Source: Kalmar

Today, Kalmar, part of Cargotec, is introducing an innovative fully automated guided vehicle (AGV) for transporting containers between quayside and landside operations. The new FastCharge AGV will be officially launched at the TECH TOC Conference within the TOC Asia terminal operations conference taking place 24-25 April 2018 at the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore.

The Kalmar FastCharge AGV is constructed on an optimised steel platform that can carry one or two 20’ containers, one 40’ or one 45’ container and handle loads of up to 70 tonnes. The AGV features an eco-efficient electric power system that uses the latest in Lithium-ion battery technology, making it much easier and more cost effective to maintain and operate than a comparable machine powered by lead-acid batteries. The fully electric drivetrain also ensures zero emissions at source.

Kalmar’s FastCharge technology – already available for Kalmar shuttle and straddle carriers – eliminates the need for time-consuming battery swapping as machines can be opportunity charged at charging stations along their working routes. With recharging taking just a few minutes, equipment availability is maximised with the AGVs spending more time moving containers and less time idle. The Kalmar FastCharge AGV also features a regenerative energy system that stores energy from braking and makes it available for reuse.

Customers can choose an integrated turnkey solution consisting of the Kalmar terminal logistics system (TLS) and Navis N4 terminal operating system. They can also take advantage of Kalmar Key, which enables integration of the Kalmar TLS with their existing terminal operating system (TOS) through a series of open application interfaces.

Mikko Mononen, Kalmar Vice President for Intelligent Horizontal Transportation, comments: “The Kalmar FastCharge AGV offers both greenfield and brownfield terminals an alternative solution to reduce the environmental impact of their operations while maximising equipment availability. Launching the Kalmar FastCharge AGV was the natural next step after the successful project with PSA Singapore, where we delivered a fleet of 18 customised electric AGVs at the end of June 2017.”

The Lithium-ion battery technology is gaining its due recognition in the port handling equipment. Port.Today has recently written about HHLA introducing AGVs powered by lithium-ion batteries to move containers at its Container Terminal Alternwerder (CTA) between ships and the yard. The terminal operator plans to switch its fleet of almost 100 AGVs to Li-ion battery drive by the end of 2022.

Julia Louppova:
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