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Women in shipping


On the 8th of March we celebrate International Women’s Day by appreciating the long path women have gone to advance in society, politics, economics. We honour the powerful, high-achieving women who lead, encourage, inspire. But it is also time to discuss the problems we still face on the way to equal rights and opportunities. Glass […]

Advanced container terminal at Russian Baltics

Container Terminal St Petersburg

In January-May 2017, Container Terminal Saint-Petersburg (CTSP), owned by UCL Holding, handled 264,860 TEU, recording a growth of 10,2% year-on-year. This makes CTSP the leading container terminal in Russia, accounting for 14.25% of the country’s total handling. The terminal strongly keeps its place at the top of all Russian container stevedores for the second consecutive […]

Algeciras: Green Island on global trade routes (part 2)

Today we continue our discussion with Mr. J. Javier López, Head of Commercial Division of the Port Authority of the Algeciras Bay (APBA), started in the previous publication. The name of Algeciras comes from Arabic and means “the green island”, or Isla Verde in Spanish, referring to the small island that lies in the bay, […]

Algeciras: Green Island on global trade routes

Algeciras Port general view

Spanish ports are going through some hard times this year. Having finished 2016 on a positive note, their performance has been significantly compromised in February and March by the dockworkers’ strike, vastly announced but hardly taken place, still having urged some shipping lines to implement contingency plans and re-route their vessels to alternative ports in […]