Container weighing solution for ports

Today is a closing day of Intermodal Europe 2016, an international container transport and logistics fair and conference, this year taking place in Rotterdam. The exhibition is a perfect place to showcase the latest innovations, products and logistic solutions.

Some of them are presented by a Finnish company Tamtron, developer and producer of innovative weighing solutions. These are Tamtron Power Container Stacker Scale and Tamtron Power Straddle Carrier Scale for weighing containers at a terminal.

As it is well known, from 1 July 2016, amendments to IMO’s Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention require the weight of all laden containers to be verified before they can be accepted on board a vessel. With the new type-approved and tested weighing solutions of Tamtron, both meeting the SOLAS requirements, containers can be weighed during normal operations without interrupting or slowing down the workflow at ports or container depots.

Tamtron offers scales that can be installed in all types of container stackers or straddle carriers. Tamtron information management system brings weighing information wirelessly from the equipment to business use. The data is saved and transferred in an easy and reliable way to weighing information management cloud service or into ERP, WMS, TOS or other systems, by means of integration. Bi-directional data-communication enables container number and its verified gross mass (VGM) to be combined.

Tamtron’s professional weighing equipment with solid connectivity and data management helps operators to meet the demands for transparency, traceability and ever-growing reporting liabilities.

The article is originally published on Port Technology.

Julia Louppova:
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