Huelva port to invest EUR 113 mln in 2019

Southern Dock. Source: Huelva Port Authority

The port of Huelva, Spain, plans to invest EUR 113 mln in 2019 to improve its infrastructure. According to the port’s press service, the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Huelva at its session in late December approved the 2019 business plan, which specifies the commitment to economic diversification, new cargoes and a new strategy aimed at taking advantage of the strengths and opportunities generated in the region.

This commitment is strengthened by the 2018-2022 investment plan, which implies a total of EUR 113 mln for 2019.

Huelva is located in the southwest of Spain, on the Gulf of Cadiz coast. It is a logistic and industrial hub for the region of Andalusia. Year 2017 has become a record one for Huelva, when the port reported a total throughput of 32.3 mln tonnes (+5.92% to 2016), of which 6.5 mln tonnes was dry bulk and 24.9 mln tonnes was liquid bulk, the traditional cargoes of the port. The container traffic has grown almost 5-fold up to 57,590 TEU thanks to the terminal development by the Turkish port operator Yilport Holding.

Due to the significant increase in container traffic as well as in Ro-Ro, the investment plan includes further development of the southern dock, by extending the quay line by 526m and by enabling the road accesses to this dock. Besides, the port intends to continue works on the new sewage and water collection network at the wharf of Engineer Juan Gonzalo and Ciudad de Palos.

Also, the investment would cover the improvement works of road access to the port as well as development of the Logistics Activities Zone and later on, renovation of the Levante wharf.

Now Huelva is part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). As we informed last June, the European Commission accepted the proposal of Spain to expand the Atlantic and Mediterranean TEN-T Corridors to include the Spanish ports that used to be beyond the TEN-T, Huelva was one of these ports.

Julia Louppova:
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