New equipment for the Coal Terminal in Vostochny Port

Rotary railcar dumper. Source: Heyl & Patterson

Heyl & Patterson (USA), the global leader in manufacturing world-class bulk material handling equipment, dispatched two tandem railcar dumpers for the largest Russian coal terminal JSC “Vostochny Port” (Russia) writes the port’s press release.

The new equipment, of the total cost exceeding USD 7 mln, was shipped from Huston (USA) in late November and is expected to arrive in the port of Nakhodka by the year end. The delivery is arranged under the agreement of 2014 with Marubeni Corporation (Japan), Heyl & Patterson being the subcontractor of the Japanese corporation, and destined for Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s Coal Terminal, currently under construction. The shipped cargo comprises over 0.5 mln tons of oversized parts and 19×40’ containers with electrical and hydraulic equipment. Upon arrival to Nakhodka the components will be delivered to the construction site of the Terminal’s Phase 3 for assembling.

“Two tandem railcar dumpers by Heyl & Patterson already work at the existing terminal and provide discharging 4 railcars with 70 ton of coal each within only 3 minutes. The new equipment will work as efficiently with the innovative type of railcars of higher capacity,- said Anatoly Lazarev, Managing Director of JSC “Vostochny Port”. – These dumpers provide the maximum discharging speed and exclude damage to the rail fleet. There is no analogue of this equipment in Russia.”

Vostochny Port is located in the Russian Pacific coast, particularly in the gulf of Nakhodka, Vrangel Bay. JSC “Vostochny Port” is the largest public terminal in Russia specializing in coal transshipment. In 2015 it handled 22.8 mln tons of coal accounting for 20% of the total coal exports from the Russian ports.

In 2012 the port commenced its expansion by developing Phase 3 which includes reclamation of a 17 hectare land plot, construction of a berth with two ship-loaders, railcar unloading station equipped with two tandem type railcar-dumpers, four additional coal warehouses with a capacity of 800,000 tons equipped with two stackers and four reclaimers. Besides, railcar defrosting units and all required railway infrastructure will be built at the Complex. Upon completion in 2020, the annual capacity of JSC «Vostochny Port» will grow up to 39 mln tons.

Julia Louppova:
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