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Blockchain for secure, efficient release of containers in the port

Antwerp Port Authority

Antwerp Port Authority has announced the launch of a pilot project for secure and efficient release of containers developed in its innovation network called “Capital of Things”. In close collaboration with the City of Antwerp, the University of Antwerp and IMEC, the Port of Antwerp is developing a unique ecosystem based on the Internet of […]

Maersk and IBM introduce blockchain in shipping

blockchain-based shipment

Yesterday Maersk and IBM unveiled a new mutual project to develop a new solution based on blockchain technology to manage transactions between shipping lines, shippers, freight forwarders, ports and customs. The product is said to be available already later this year. Applying innovative blockchain technology, known also as the basis for the Bitcoin virtual money, […]

Blockchain technology to change shipping practices

Israeli start-up company Wave offers a method to transmit shipping documents using innovative blockchain technology, known as the basis for the Bitcoin virtual money, thus eliminating the centuries-old practice of sending a paper bill of lading. Because shipped goods can’t be released until the bill of lading — which is usually sent separately — arrives, […]

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