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Drewry: more Chinese port investments to come

Drewry Ports Insight

This week Drewry Maritime Research have held a webinar presentation of its Ports & Terminals Insight Report. The report is issued quarterly and supplements Drewry’s main Annual Container Terminal Operators report. The 3Q 2017 report was presented by Neil Davidson, Drewry’s Senior Analyst, Ports and Terminals. The report covers several questions. One of them is […]

New container terminals report from Drewry

Last week Drewry held a webinar called “Key trends and developments in the global ports and terminals market” presented by Neil Davison, Drewry’s Senior Analyst, Ports and Terminals. At the webinar Mr. Davidson introduced a new “Ports & Terminals Insight” report which is intended to be issued quarterly and to become complementary to Drewry’s annual terminal […]

Drewry presents its 2016 Container Terminal Operators research

On October, 18th Drewry held a webinar on the Global Container Terminal Operators Annual Review recently released by the company and now presented by Neil Davison, Senior Analyst, Ports and Terminals. The report, published annually for the last 14 years, provides comprehensive and enhanced analysis of terminal operators’ activity and has become an industry “bible”. […]